Kohler Real Rain available at the Ensuite

kohler real rain designSome designs take us by surprise, and by their sheer boldness or brilliance, they demand our attention. Real Rain is a showering system that mimics rainfall down to its infinitesimal drop. From the varying sizes of the raindrops to the angles and velocity at which they fall, the study of rain is broken down into a science.

The Kohler Real Rain creates a gentle and inviting rainfall, using gravity to shape and define each droplet of water. Press a button, and a deluge of water pours over you for 8 exhilirating seconds.

The Kohler Real Rain features:

  • 775 nozzles for full coverage with a rain free center zone
  • deluge feature for 8 seconds, designed to rinse away soap and shampoo
  • available in White or Thunder Grey to match the look of your shower
  • a variety of panel trim finishes to accent your showerspace
  • water efficient - only 2.0 gallons (7.6 litres) per minute during normal operation

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