Are you dreaming of becoming a master chef in your own state-of-the-art kitchen or creating your very own luxurious spa experience in your master bathroom? The Ensuite is here to help.

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It’s natural for us to provide you with a personalized consulting service, since we share your love of beauty. Because we understand your desire to create a world in your image, we embrace each project with an unweaving dedication. And with access to so many brands you love, you know for sure you can get the very best.

Discover our showrooms, explore our fixtures and experience our showroom design experts.

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Special Thanks to:

  • Timberworx Homes for allowing the use of their amazing showhome
  • Ensuite Missisauga for allowing us to showcase their showroom
  • Jovaugn Stevens
  • Paige Towle
  • Kris Felstead
  • Tara Hotson
  • Trisha Krowinski