victoria+albert - living wall

Model featured: Amalfi  |  Location: Franca, Brazil  |  Design: mf+arquitetos  |  Photography: Felipe Araújo

This month, we’re looking to nature for inspiration, and the art of the living wall. A luscious living wall of foliage is a stunning way to bring nature and texture into the bathroom. It can be small or large in scale, and is often used to frame an area of the bathroom - such as the bathtub.

As well as looking dramatic and beautiful, a living wall can filter dust, deaden noise and keep the bathroom cool in warm weather. According to research, the restorative power of plants can even improve your wellbeing by soothing anxiety levels and offering a sense of peace.

To make a simple and cost effective vertical garden, use wall-mounted planters filled with perennial, leafy plants that will thrive in the space. For the reluctant gardener, artificial living walls are the perfect solution.

Victoria + Albert Baths is a British brand with a worldwide reputation for creating beautiful freestanding tubs and basins.

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