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Oke Woodsmith Building Systems Inc. was created in 1984, by a family filled with talented and passionate individuals. The company is currently owned and operated by three brothers - Wayne, Randy and Kevin. Each brother has a unique role in the design-build phase of Oke Woodsmith’s custom home building. The beautifully designed and carefully-crafted custom homes have garnered widespread attention.

Wayne, Randy, and Kevin strive to create finished products that demonstrate the individuality of each client. Together with a team of talented staff, the three brothers bring dream homes to life.

Over the past 32 years, Oke Woodsmith has expanded its clientele and has been nominated for numerous awards. Oke Woodsmith has been the recipient of CHBA, OHBA, and LHBA awards each year, with awards won in all areas of the spectrum. Oke Woodsmith is partnered with many reputable sub trades and suppliers. These teams have worked closely with Oke Woodsmith for several years, and have created friendships based off of trust, loyalty, and a shared goal.

One such company is Turnbull Plumbing and Electric, which is also a Grand Bend based company. Turnbull Plumbing and Electric has enabled Oke Woodsmith to bring their creative visions to life. These two companies paired together provide a one-of-a-kind customer service experience, which is touted by current and previous Oke Woodsmith customers.

The Ensuite has been one of Oke Woodsmith's top suppliers for a number of years. Having a supplier that carries high quality products with a tremendous team of individuals is really what makes a positive difference in the homes.

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