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Well suited to our customer's requirements, our approach based on listening has made our reputation. It's natural for us to provide you with personalized consulting service, since we share your love of beauty! Because we understand your desire to create a world in your image, we embrace each project with an unwavering dedication.

Our resources... inexhaustible!

In the world of plumbing accessories, The Ensuite has made its mark through the talent of its advisory service, industry knowledge and well-established professional relationships with the industry leading brands of products.

With the help of a network of over 200 suppliers of sought for North American and European brands, The Ensuite gives shape to your sparse contemporary or classical dreams.

Beauty is not our only concern. The quality and reliability of the products that we offer also have to meet our rigorous standards of excellence. That's why our suppliers' list includes only the best known brands from around the world.

And our showrooms...a true destination

At the Ensuite, our customers are inspired by our showrooms. They range from 1000sq ft. to 3000sq ft with a wide variety of style options and designs. We offer a relaxing atmosphere, a broad range of sophisticated products, and a world class level of plumbing knowledge.

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a visit to our showroom is worth even more. By making an appointment with one of our advisors, your visit will be like a guided tour with personalized assistance according to your needs.

Make an appointment with one of our advisors today and experience the Ensuite difference!

The Ensuite showrooms have been a proud part of the Emco family for over 20 years with over 30 locations across Canada.

Ensuite Ontario Showroom